iSeed® - the Intelligent Way of Improving Establishment

iSeed®: Feeds the seeds! Not the weeds!

  • Targeted nutrient application (Feeding the seed, not the weeds)
  • Better wear tolerance
  • Improved overseeding results, guaranteed! (30% more plants, 30% longer roots)
  • Higher turf quality (16 - 34% more plants; 18-85% longer roots, 0% weeds)
  • Reduced Poa annua levels
  • Environmentally friendly (reduced losses of fertilizer to the environment)
  • Labour saving and cost effective
  • Shorter production time for turf/sod production, saving up to 33% in time

iSeed® is a patented nutrient seed coating solution focusing especially on the improvement of nutrient utilisation during the early stages of plant growth. iSeed for grasses is exclusively marketed by DLF and is used for both forage and lawn/amenity grass seed mixtures.

Feed per Seed

Grass seeds are small and contain very little stored nutrients. Grass seed is often sown into cold soil with low availability of P (and N). With iSeed®, every seed gets its own coating of nitrogen and phosphorus and utilises it efficiently for germination. Strong, early growth is important for even plant establishment and success in competing with weeds and overcoming stress. Existing fertiliser coats contain 1-2% N at maximum. Higher levels are phytotoxic. iSeed® contains up to 20% N, without harming the seed or seedling.

Efficient nutrient utilisation

Fertiliser can be applied in several ways: broadcast, band, in seed row or as a seed coating. Phosphorus, as a preseeding application, is very important for early establishment. When broadcasting fertiliser, the utilisation rate of phosphorus generally is 5-10%. Band application below the seed row may increase this to 10% and placing the fertiliser in the seed row to 15%. Placing the fertiliser in a seed coating is most effective and the utilisation rate will then be increased to 20%. The latter three methods may also act faster than broadcast application, as the fertiliser is applied in the soil. This is an advantage, especially when overseeding. Phosphorus in soil is easily fixed into forms that are unavailable for plant uptake, so the closer the seed is to the nutrient, the better the utilisation rate. With iSeed®, the key nutrients are attached to the germinating seed and developing roots, thus the nutrients are taken up fast and efficiently. The roots and shoots grow rapidly and the seedlings become strong and vigorous. This improves use of all available soil nutrients and decreases nutrient losses to the environment.